Mustard Aids Fat Loss

The power of the mustard seed has been known for centuries. The Bible Gospel of Matthew refers to it as the “greatest herb” (Matthew 13:32, King James Version). No matter if you intending to use mustard as part of your weight loss plan or as an alternative flavoring in your cooking repertoire, mustard seeds are full of health promoting properties that you need to keep running at your best.

Mustard seeds are used in a multitude of dishes, especially in Indian cuisine. They are a vital component of the potato dish Aloo Gobi. Try adding a sprinkling of mustard powder or seeds to baked potatoes. The flavor imparted into the potato will lessen the need to add a lot of heavy extras such as butter when on the dinner plate. They are a much healthier choice than other condiments. One tablespoon of mustard seeds is only 32 calories, versus mayonnaise which is around 90 calories for one tablespoon.

Mustard seeds are a stimulant. They help encourage the flow of gastric juices through the digestive system and speed up overall body metabolism. Mustard seeds are considered a “warming herb,” as in they increase body temperature causing you to sweat. Such sweating can help break fevers and flush out harmful bodily toxins.

A Canadian study shows how adding mustard seeds to your diet can potentially assist weight loss. Their participants included one teaspoon of mustard seeds to their daily healthy eating routine. Participants burned up to 1,000 more calories per day when taking the mustard seeds versus the weeks where they partook in a mustard free diet. These researchers believe that a daily dose of mustard seeds in your diet can increase your metabolism by up to 25 percent.

The September 2010 edition of Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism reported that while mustard seeds may not have a large variety of different nutrients, it does have calcium. A diet with sufficient calcium sources is vital to maintain strong teeth and bones. Calcium can also aid in that ever weight loss battle. E. Rodriguez-Rodriguez’s study was noted in this journal as finding that participants in his study (overweight and obese women) all noticed increased weight loss on the weeks that they took mustard seeds when compared to the weeks they did not.

The benefits don’t stop there. These little gems also contain the B-complex vitamins niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and folate. Niacin assists in the lowering of blood cholesterol levels and regulates blood flow through the heart muscle. Though it cannot cure hypertension, a healthy diet with a daily intake of mustard seeds can help maintain and limit any added pressure on the heart. It also aids in reducing build-up in arterial veins, which if left untreated, can lead to stroke and heart failure.

Mustard seeds are more than just a flavoring you expect to find at the local curry takeout store. With benefits such as promoting a healthy heart and kick starting a sleepy metabolism into gear, it’s little wonder these seeds have been known as the “greatest herb” for the last two millennia.

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