Forskolin — A Wonder Fat Loss Supplement

Since recently being featured on the Dr. Oz Show, forskolin has received a lot of press as a wonder fat loss supplement. It has been used for centuries in the treatment of high blood pressure due to it’s ability to relax blood vessels. It also has been used for people with chest pains and it is a natural tanning aid — when you take it, your skin color becomes darker. Researchers don’t actually know why that happens, but it appears to increase the body’s melanin levels. Forskolin also has been linked with enhanced memory.

Forskolin is derived from the plant Plectranthus Barbatus. It is an Ayurvedic herb, meaning that it is from ancient India and China, and has been used as a form of medicine for thousands of years. It is relatively safe, as there have been no reported cases of side effects or adverse reactions. Forskolin is not a stimulant. In fact, it will calm you down by dilating blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. A few study participants have evidenced slight fluctuations in their heart rate as a result of forskolin’s ability to dilate the blood vessels. For this reason, people who have a history of heart complications should consult their physician before taking the supplement.

Forskolin has gained attention as a result of it’s ability to reduce cellulite and decrease body fat. There has been a substantial amount of research done on the ability of forskolin to burn fat. It does this by activating an enzyme in the body called adenylate cyclase (cAMP). This is responsible for enhancing the functioning of a whole host of cellular activities. Forskolin also acts as a boost in order to stimulate fat burning enzymes within the body.

A study conducted by Penn State University revealed that many overweight and obese people have low cAMP levels. Forskolin’s ability to increase cAMP levels, therefore, holds the promise of being able to stimulate fat loss. In a recent study, forskolin was given to six overweight women twice per day for nine weeks (250mg of 10 percent pure forskolin extract). The results were staggering. The women lost an average of 10 pounds, with the average body fat percentage dropping by 8 percent. Blood pressure levels also were lower for all the women.

Supplementation with forskolin has been shown to have a powerful effect on the dangerous adipose tissue, which resides around the belly. Forskolin helps to break down adipose tissue, aiding in the release of fatty acids through the process of thermogenesis.

Forskolin is available in a few different forms. It can be taken in a drop form, inhaled as a powder for the treatment of asthma, and swallowed in capsule form. The recommended dosage is 20 to 40mg per day over an 8-12 week cycle. It is recommended to split your dosage. If you are taking two 10mg capsules, take one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

Forskolin appears to be a safe, non-stimulating thermogenic booster with some solid scientific backing behind it. Be sure to give this supplement enough time to prove it’s worth. A six-week trial, at two capsules per day, will allow you to test out whether forskolin works for you.

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