Chromium – Essential For A Reason

Chromium is an essential mineral the body needs to regulate blood sugar levels. A sufficient amount of chromium in your system is shown to stimulate insulin production. The Gluten Tolerance Factor (GTF) talks to the insulin and monitors and levels out the amount of glucose in your cells. People who are at risk of, or are obese, often become insulin resistant. Doctors often prescribe chromium to help promote blood sugar regulation. A healthy insulin level in the body improves metabolic health and assists in the storage of carbohydrates, lipids and protein throughout your system. When your sugar levels are moderated, it also curbs the dreaded ‘sugar crash’ which leads many to devour any sweet offerings they can get their hands on. This fills the body with unnecessary sugars and lipids which will likely be stored as fat.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has tested chromium as a weight loss supplement. Their participants built body muscle mass and reduced body fat percentage during the course of their trial. The participants also had more stable cholesterol and triglyceride blood levels than they did before starting chromium supplements. Because of the potential cardiovascular benefits, chromium is often used in the treatment of patients with high blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

The use of chromium to regulate blood sugars is not new. Scientists were using brewer’s yeast (a food source high in chromium) to even out and maintain the blood sugar levels in lab rats. Nor is the use of chromium used purely for blood sugar regulation and maintenance. Studies published in the Biological Psychiatry Journal show that a diet high in chromium can help regulate and maintain the serotonin level, promoting mental wellbeing. It is also believed that it helps with acne, migraines, and psoriasis. Studies for these are not as conclusive as for the benefits of chromium in insulin regulation, but there are many recorded success stories.

Our body cannot produce essential minerals, so we must obtain them from food sources. High traces of chromium are found in food such as broccoli, onions, and turkey. Chromium is also high in brewer’s yeast, so trying to brew your own beer could actually be good for your health! The amount of food that contains chromium is relatively low in comparison to other essential nutrients, so many find it necessary to take a supplement to ensure they are getting all they need.

The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends the following daily chromium levels for men and women:

Men up to 50 years – 35mcg

Men 51 years plus – 30mcg

Women up to 50 years – 25mcg

Women 51 years plus – 20 mcg

Pregnant and nursing mothers – 30-45mcg

 Because the human body only needs a minute amount of quantity of chromium in the system, taking such a high dose may be unsafe for some people. It is wise to seek the advice of your local health care professional before including chromium in your weight loss regimen.

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