Get Hot To Lose Fat

The ingredient in that red-hot chili pepper that caused a fire in your throat is doing more for you than you think. Recent research confirms that capsaicin, the ingredient that produces that fiery taste, is a key fat loss aid. Which is probably why capsaicin is being added to many fat loss thermogenic supplements that are currently hitting the market. These studies have shown that capsaicin acts on two fronts to help you get rid of unwanted fat. First, it actually decreases fat cell content. Secondly, it enhances the activity of genes that are associated with fat metabolism and thermogenesis.

Capsicum is an herb. The fruit that grows on this plant is a red chili pepper and it’s used to make capsaicin. Capsaicin is the component in cayenne pepper that gives it a spicy taste, but it’s also a medicine. Cayenne pepper has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years to treat mainly gastrointestinal disorders, and it’s also used in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine and in Indian Ayurvedic therapies.

Cayenne pepper is wonderful for your liver because it opens or dilates your blood vessels, improving circulation and promoting your liver’s natural detoxification ability. Capsaicin is an extremely effective pain reliever when applied to the skin. It decreases the amount of a specific chemical in your body called “substance P” that is responsible for sending pain signals to your brain. When your body has decreased amounts of substance P, your brain no longer receives the pain messages and you no longer feel pain. Capsaicin is used as a pain reliever for conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia; nerve pain caused by shingles; post-surgical pain following an amputation or mastectomy; diabetic peripheral neuropathy; and chronic low back pain.

A recent Dutch study focused on the effect of supplementation with capsaicin with regard to promoting a sense of fullness and calorie expenditure. The results of the study revealed that replacing carbs with protein had a greater effect on inhibiting appetite, conserving energy and promoting a sense of fullness than supplementing with capsaicin. However, supplementing with capsaicin was the most effective way to effect fat loss. Substituting protein for carbs was not as effective as taking capsaicin in effecting speedy weight loss.

Another study out of Austria also investigated capsaicin’s ability to suppress appetite. Specifically the researchers wanted to study capsaicin’s ability to release the hunger suppressing hormone serotonin. The study found that supplementing with nonivamide, which is a derivative of capsaicin, lowered the intake of energy in test subjects, who were all mildly obese males. The study concluded that capsaicin reduces appetite, with a resultant reduction in caloric consumption while simultaneously increasing a person’s metabolism, leading to increased fat burn.

Nonivamide is also called pelargonic acid vanillylamide (PAVA). As well as being derived from chili peppers it is also regularly manufactured synthetically. Therefore, it is important to check the ingredient list on your thermogenic aid to see whether the nonivamide used is natural or synthetic. Nonivamide is often used as an ingredient in ointments to relieve arthritis and muscle pain. It is also used to produce the host taste sensation in the confectionary industry.

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