Drink More Water To Improve Health And Lose Weight!

Do you want to maximize your weight loss? Drink more water!

Here are some of the facts that are good to know:

ACE-inhibition (angiotensin-converting enzyme) from increased water consumption will improve your fat metabolism in the cells and also improve the insulin sensitivity.

But less water consumption will inactivate the mTor signals (a pathway in the anabolic process) which, in a very short explanation, means that you may gain fat.

Increased water consumption will lead to greater calorie and energy loss, when the body warms the water from room temperature to body temperature.

Drinking 500ml (approximately 16 ounces) will generate an increase in the metabolic rate by 24-30 percent for 60 minutes. A change in osmolality will release norepinephrine and adrenaline.

We recommend you drink 22 to 25 oz. first thing in the morning, with some squeezed lemons.

This will kick start your metabolism for sure!

Keep on drinking water during the day. Minimum water intake is 50 oz. If you can manage between 75-100 oz. a day, you will stay healthy and see weight loss results.

Remember that coffee, tea, and soda will dehydrate your body. Don’t forget to fill up with water!

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