About Us

We grew tired of the fishy supplement market and decided to do something about it

 As a group of personal trainers and nutritionists, we have dedicated our lives to helping people become the best and healthiest version of themselves.

We have successfully taught many how safely lose weight, build muscle, and become fit. We have even prepared individuals for bodybuilding competitions.

As professionals, we have always leaned on science to explore the latest breakthroughs in health.

A balanced diet and exercise routine can do wonders. However, there is another important key to weight loss success:
high-quality supplements

We have spent a lot of time guiding our clients through the messy supplement jungle. There are many companies trying to sell crappy supplements with golden promises. This jungle is overgrown with hyped supplements from TV infomercials that offer zero scientific proof that their products work. These poor-quality supplements sit on top of vitamin store shelves while the sellers put the majority of their investments into advertising and marketing. The companies of these products put little thought or effort into the actual quality of the ingredients, nor do they spend time improving their supplements.

Products that contain cheap or poor-quality ingredients are much easier to find than the high-quality supplements that back their promises with a guarantee.

This was deeply disturbing to us.

So we decided to do something about it. We wanted to be that odd duck in the big supplement pond that laid golden eggs. We wanted to be the honest, real deal for people who wished to improve their body composition.

And then we became more and more scared of all that’s happening in the world

Every year, we watch the population of the world grow fatter.  

Being overweight is an increasingly large and serious problem. 

Obesity is a global pandemic, according to reports from the World Health Organization.

It has gone so far that now more people die from obesity-related illnesses than from starvation — for the first time in history. More people are actually dying from being overweight than people who suffer with malnutrition. Some obesity-related health risks include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, gallbladder disease and gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout, sleep apnea, and asthma.

In the United States, 69% of the population is overweight, and over 10% of the nation’s healthcare budget goes toward treating obesity. Approximately 17% (or 12.7 million) of children and adolescents aged 2-19 are obese.

The decision was made to not just be a challenger within the supplement market. We decided to contribute to and foster improved global health.

So we started Weight Loss Development — our name reveals us — this is us

We didn’t build the company overnight. Because we wanted to offer the highest-quality, science-backed supplements and have the best, most effective products on the market, we made sure to do our homework.
We spend many nights reviewing studies and ingredients to further educate ourselves. 
No detail was missed. In the beginning, we worked 24/7 to become the best version of us possible. 
We were involved in every step: from funding research on raw materials to the production process.

Honestly, we were a bit surprised by how quickly our business took off. We began hearing positive feedback from day one. Our new customers raved about the efficiency of our products and our amazing customer service. They loved our complimentary Weight Loss Guide E-book and the 30 day ticket to our Weight Loss and Fat Burning Concierge Program.

Our customers quickly saw that we were serious about improving the health of all.

Who are we?

We are a professional group of nutritionists and personal trainers who are dedicated to helping people lose weight in order to improve their lives.

We are a committed and active company that unites innovation, knowledge, and caring to improve health globally.

We understand how difficult and challenging it is to lose weight in today’s world. Along with dishonest supplement companies, there are a plethora of conflicting diet programs out there that misinform the public. It is confusing and overwhelming.

That’s why we are not just a supplement company.

We go full circle. We guide our customers throughout their weight loss journeys by offering our support. We make lifestyle changes happen by providing customized nutritional and activity plans, motivation, and inspiration. Our customers are let in on the knowledge of the latest weight loss science.

Bottom line: we are here for you.

So how do we do it?

We put all our investments and efforts in two things:

Putting nothing but the highest quality ingredients in our products.

Providing exceptional customer service. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We only use FDA approved, science-backed ingredients. Our NON-GMO supplements are produced in FDA approved facilities. We are proud to offer the latest weight loss science into an easy-to-read eBook that comes complimentary with your order.

We don’t see ourselves as an ordinary company. We see ourselves as a movement. Together, in a collective action involving you, we will inspire, motivate, and spread knowledge and success stories in order to change the general misconceptions about being overweight and weight reduction. Together, we will create a healthier world.

Are you ready to join our movement? Keep reading to learn more about us, our visions, and our missions.

We care. Very much!

Our goal is to live in a world with more insight about how being overweight and obesity should be fought.

A world with less obesity means that we will get more out of our daily lives and live longer.

Your help is needed in this struggle. You contribute directly by taking in our message, living a healthy lifestyle, and using our products.

We care about each and everyone of our customers. Many of our emails include statements like, “I have never experienced such amazing customer service before!” That’s what makes our day.

We strive to make a difference, and we go above and beyond to help each customer reach their goals. It is a joy for us to do so.

Oh yeah, we have Visions and Missions too – and we love them and live by them everyday

Our mission is to spread knowledge about weight reduction, and to use new scientifically-backed research in our products and services that help you to reduce weight and keep fit.

Through us, you will be able to achieve your dreams about your body, your weight, and your lifestyle.

Our vision is that Weight Loss Development will be the world’s leading arena for knowledge exchange, and products and services for weight reduction.

Our efforts will contribute to a better global health.

We love to promise!

This is our promise to you — and to everybody else:

Quality: We only use the highest quality ingredients, and place sharp focus on our customers and their needs.

Science: We lean on scientific research results when we are creating new products and services. We also conduct our own research and fund other scientific studies on weight loss.

Innovation and improvements: We focus on innovation, continuous improvements, and creative solutions.

Caring: We are committed to caring for our customers, our society, and our world. We create sustainable value.

Results: Everything we do must lead to results for our customers. Our customers results are our measure of success.

Knowledge: Many years of knowledge on weight loss have been built up in the company. We gather knowledge, package it, and distribute it in an instructive and attractive format.

Bold and confident: We dare to stand out. We are proud, bold, and passionate winners. We humbly love who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Ethics: We are honest, humble, and ethical in everything we do. We believe in open-mindedness and diversity.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow

Weight reduction is a large and prioritized research area, since the problems caused by being overweight and obesity continue to grow.

There is a large knowledge base about how different types of food and supplements affect metabolism, fat burning capabilities, and muscle building.

New studies and research results are propelling this development forward.

We make these new results available and easy to understand, so that you can benefit from them yourself.

Research is incredibly significant to the company’s work with services and products. Weight Loss Development offers a variety of dietary supplements where the ingredients are based on scientific studies carried out by leading institutes such as the University of North Carolina, the University of Memphis, and the American College of Sports Medicine, among others.

We feel compelled to bust diet and weight loss myths. So many companies publish false or misleading studies so that people will buy their products. These companies are only concerned about making a profit. They are trying to exploit the unhealthy. The saddest part is that they just don’t care. That is what separates them from us.

We care. And we will keep improving our products, sharing the latest scientific findings with you, and work hard to achieve our mission.   

Why you should use Weight Loss Development’s products instead of our competitors

Because we are not just selling weight loss supplements. We are giving you accessible knowledge.

Knowledge is power. If you have knowledge about the body, health, nutrition, and dietary supplements, you will also have the power to create the body of your dreams

We provide you with this information when you buy our products and when you visit us online.

You’ll find the latest weight loss science with your purchases, in our blogs, at our seminars, and in our articles (free of charge, available around the clock). Experienced trainers and dietitians work with Weight Loss Development to give you advice with concrete tips about your diet and your training. You’ll also find scientific and instructive competence that provide you with the most up-to-date findings in an easy-to-understand package.

We are satisfied with no less than the highest quality

Few things are more important than the quality of the food and nutritional elements we eat. You are what you eat; it’s as simple as that. When you choose a dietary supplement you must demand a high concentration of the chosen supplement, and tested quality of raw materials and production.

Weight Loss Development’s products are produced under rigorously controlled conditions during the entire production process, from delivery of incoming raw materials to when the finished products are packaged and distributed. We strive to offer the market’s best quality for each and every product that bears our name.

100% Customer Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority. If for some reason you do not love our products, just let us know and you will get a 100% refund ASAP. Your happiness means everything to us.

We love our customers and we love to make them happy

Our customers are constantly blown away by our outstanding customer service. We follow up to make sure you are happy. We welcome dialogue and customer interaction. Feedback means the world to us. We are listening, and we want to help. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions because we want you to reach your health goals.

If for some reason a customer isn’t completely satisfied, we make sure to put a smile on that individual’s face. We also love to give out special discounts and free samples of our products.

Simply put: when our customers are happy, we are happy.

The 80/20 rule

If you succeed in losing weight, it will be because of what you eat and drink. Everything counts. You need a balanced diet with the right nutritional elements. If you want enough energy to train, dietary supplements are necessary to build up muscle. You have to differentiate daily exercise with effective training. You’ll get this knowledge from Weight Loss Development.

Let us finish with this amazing true story before you check out our products

Our happiest day at Weight Loss Development was when we received a heartfelt, emotional email from Mary H.

Mary has struggled with her weight for years. She was miserable, her marriage was on the rocks, and her children were worried about her.

That all changed on her 45th birthday, during a routine doctor’s visit. She was stunned by the news that she was now diabetic.

Lab tests confirmed that she also had high cholesterol. Her blood pressure was out of control. Mary had been feeling sick and tired for years. But now with this information, she was scared. Both of her parents had died young because of obesity-related diseases.

Mary decided right then and there to change her fate.

She went to Amazon about bought our CLA Superior. Mary was impressed with our excellent reviews, but she was still skeptical. She had nothing to lose though, since she knew we had a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

In a short two weeks time, Mary’ skepticism turned to praise when she revealed to us that she had lost 5 pounds. Not only did she lose weight, but her energy increased and her metabolism sped up. For the first time in years, her appetite was under control. Her cravings for sweets disappeared. Mary loved the way our all-natural CLA Superior made her feel, and she wanted even more dramatic results.

She reached out to us and joined our Weight Loss and Fat Burning Concierge Program with her free ticket. A nutritionist and a personal trainer customized a healthy and balanced eating and exercise plan for her. Mary had tried dozens of diets. She didn’t need another diet. She needed a lifestyle change. With professional help from our Concierge Program, Mary seamlessly discarded bad eating habits for healthy ones. Knowledge was power for her. She now knows exactly which foods and supplements work best for her.

Now that she had some extra energy, she began walking every day. In two months, she was down 15 pounds. She was happy with her results, and was interested in taking our Fat Burner Superior along with the CLA Superior.

After 6 months, Mary has lost over 50 pounds and is now wearing the same size jeans that she wore 20 years ago. Our fat burner gave her even more energy, and soon after taking it she began to increase her activity level by swimming and taking dance classes. Mary mentioned to us that exercise has helped her depression and anxiety tremendously.

Most importantly, Mary is in love with life! She is the happiest she has been in many years. She is still trying to get used to all of the compliments she is receiving. Mary has a new-found confidence. In a few months, her and her husband will be going on a second honeymoon. Somewhere tropical, she says, so she can wear a bathing suit in public for the first time since her twenties. What touches her the most is how proud her children are of her.

Mary’s email brought us to tears. This is why we do what we do. She couldn’t thank us enough, and has expressed such gratitude and appreciation for us. We are flattered, but really, she should be thanking herself. Mary is the one who took the first step toward better health. We gave her the support she needed. But she took the knowledge, motivation, and services we offered and she ran with it, letting nothing get in her way.

We are so proud of you, Mary!