Q. Is Fat Burner Superior a fat burner that works?

A. Yes, it is. It has shown great results in studies as well as among all the happy customers that we have. It is a strong, sustainable fat burner where the ingredients are attacking fat from several different angles. Due to the quality of the science backed ingredients we put in our supplements, we are so assured they work great that we have a 100% lifetime money back guarantee!


Q. Which is the best fat burner on the market?

A. We are not cocky, however we dare to stand out while remaining humble so let us put it this way; Our Fat Burner Superior is put together with science backed ingredients in a perfect ratio to aid the fat burning process, promote weight loss, stop indulge bulking, suppress appetite, add energy during diets, increase metabolism, make your body thermogenic and raise your calorie expenditure.

Too many fat burners on the market is based heavily on caffeine and / or other CNS stimulants which gives lots of energy and a hyped feeling but are not actually burning your fat, giving you stomach issues instead. The saying “you are what you eat” is true. The feedback we get from our customers is amazing.

So to sum it: Yes, we strongly believe that our Fat Burner Superior is the best and most reliable fat burner on the market.


Q. Why shall I stop drinking coffee, energy drinks and sodas when taking the Fat Burner Superior?

A. The Fat Burner Superior contains caffeine and other ingredients that attaches to the same receptor in your body as the caffeine you get from coffee, energy drinks and certain sodas. That means that they are competing about the receptors if you not stop drinking those beverages. If you can stay away from coffee, energy drinks and sodas while you use Fat Burner Superior you will get a greater effect!


Q. What Is Conjugated Linoleic Acid?

A. Conjugated Linoleic Acid, CLA, is sourced from natural safflower oil.

CLA is a supplement that has been studied very thoroughly and is backed by science. There have been many hundreds of studies showing that CLA is effective for decreasing fat, boosting muscle growth and being effective for promoting health. A large number of these studies were carried out by well-known universities and scientific organizations, including the University of North Carolina, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the British Journal of Nutrition, the University of Memphis and the American College of Sports Medicine. CLA has also been highlighted several times in the famous “DR. OZ SHOW”.

CLA has been shown to aid the transport of fat into the mitochondria of cells, where it is burned as fuel. It also prevents the fat you consume in your diet from being stored, forcing it to be burned as fuel. This increase in the amount of fat being burned spares muscle from breaking down, which increases muscle growth and strength. And when your muscles are spared and/or grow – your metabolism rises. Increased metabolism further speeds up your weight loss and fat burning! This will also prevent you from regaining weight when you have succeeded with your weight loss.

It is very important to obtain the right amount of CLA through diet. However, modern cattle raising techniques make this almost impossible. The ideal daily allowance of CLA is a minimum of 3 grams – this means you would have to consume more than 7 pounds of beef or 4 gallons of milk a day to achieve that level. This is why a CLA supplement is an essential complement to your diet.


Q. Has Conjugated Linoleic Acid, CLA, any side effects?

A. Taken as directed CLA doesn’t have any side effects in general.

As with all supplements you should get the consent of a licensed physician before using it.


Q. Which are the benefits of Conjugated Linoleic Acid?

A. Weight loss, increased metabolism, prevents the body from storing fat from the food you eat, promotes lean muscle and an overall better health.


Q. When shall I take the CLA Superior?

A. Preferably together with meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner works great.


Q. Why is Apple Cider Vinegar good for detox?

A. Apple Cider Vinegar is full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and is recommended for all detox and cleansing. It is actually one of the best supplements you can take to cleanse the body and kill the bacterias. It also promotes weight loss, aids digestion, cleaning the intestines, balances pH, improves the skin tone, decreases cholesterol and blood pressure.


Q. Is Chromium Picolinate good for weight loss?

A. Yes, absolutely! Chromium Picolinate have several effects that promotes weight loss. It helps you control your blood sugar which leads to less fat storage (thanks to more stable insulin) and it craves your sweet and carb desire. It also reduces cholesterol and fights body fat.


Q. Can I combine your weight loss supplements?

A. Yes, all of the supplements work great together and would create several synergic effects. However, we suggest you don’t combine the Fat Burner Superior with the Chromium Picolinate due to the amount of Chromium Picolinate that is included in the Fat Burner Superior.


Q. How do I use my 30 day ticket to the Weight Loss and Fat Burning Concierge Program

A. Simply email us with your Order ID and your questions. You will find our contact information under Contact Us.