From Fat To Fit

From Fat To Fit!


My name is Johan, and I work as an Account Executive. My career has always been important to me. As you may understand, my job doesn't involve a lot of activity. I had developed quite a few bad habits over the years, mostly because of stress. It started out with getting food for lunch that was easy to get (fast food, dinners out with customers, more often than not including alcohol).

Even worse, I am depending on my commissions which makes my sales job very stressful. You have to perform 110% every day! The stress is obviously no good for the body. I've learned that the hard way... It increases stress hormones and other things that makes the body increase the fat storage.

Privately, my habits were just as bad. I love eating out; I love the nightlife scene and sports. Well, all that equals out to tons of calories from fatty food and alcohol. Spending time at nightclubs after work also resulted in bad sleeping habits. And smoking. At the end of the day, I felt really drained and usually didn’t feel like cooking. I normally went for another meal of either microwavable or fast food.


My eating pattern, source of food and lack of activity coupled with stress and nights outs was not healthy and I started to pack on the pounds. When I finally decided to do something about it my body-fat was at 28%. I was FAT. And I hated it. I felt really bad and my self confidence took a big hit.

I tried several different weight loss products, but nothing worked. It just drained my confidence even more.

My low self esteem affected my sales results. From being in the top of our firm I was slowly dropping in rank for every week.

I even stopped dating. I changed the way I dressed to "hide" that I was fat. It even affected sales which dropped significantly.

It was a downward spiral. I was about to give up...


My Own Body Disgusted Me....

After a coworker suggested trying out the products and services from Weight Loss Development, it worked wonders for me.


I went online to
weightlossdevelopment.com, ordered a couple of bottles of the Fat Burner Superior, and started by cleaning up my diet by being more conscious of what I ate, eating small portions regularly and avoiding the late-night munching. Alongside my increase in activity by working out and taking morning walks, my energy levels elevated. 

Working out is a great way for me to de-stress. Getting all my daily frustrations out by exerting energy makes me tired. Regular sleeping patterns naturally just fell into place.

I have not given up on all the things I enjoy! I still love going out and occasionally having a drink or two, but it is not something I do every day.

Getting my energy back and the stress out of my life is a small reward compared to many other health benefits (there are tons of healthy food out there!).  

And my sales went through the roof! I am a humble person, but I just have to tell you that I got rewarded "Best Salesman of The Year". And my sales is just increasing for every day. I am amazed.

My results were great because I was willing to make the necessary changes for my lifestyle.


"It was a tough journey, I am in saying it was easy. It was worth it for me"

  • Cleaned up my diet; made healthier choices and ate smaller portions.

  • Increased activity routine by taking morning walks and working out.

  • Followed the advices in the Weight Loss Guide from Weight Loss Development and educated myself on diet and training. 

  • Asked some questions to the Fat Burning & Concierge Program, provided by Weight Loss Development. Great help!

  • Used Fat Burner Superior to curb my appetite, increase mental focus, increase my energy and most important; burn fat.

  • Stayed away from drinking and late nights out.



Benefits from changing my habits and using the Fat Burner Superior:

  • Increased Energy: I have the freedom to do more physically demanding activities, like playing with my nieces and nephews without being drained.
  • Increased Mental Focus: My job demands me to be my best and to perform day in and day out; now, I can!
  • I’m healthy and feel great: Not do I feel healthy, I look better than ever!
  • Increased Confidence: After making it through a hard journey and completing my personal goals, my confidence is through the roof. I have never felt so good about myself!
  • Helped my career. I went from almost getting fired to being The Best Salesman of The Year!


“I credit my success to the great supplements and help I got from the Weight Loss Guide and the Weight Loss Development Concierge Program that came whith my purchase. The Fat Burner Superior suppressed my appetite, burned my fat and kept me focused during my dieting. With your products and help, I was able to keep myself motivated and on track. Thanks for all the help and support!” Johan Krosse.


Click the video below to listen to Johan's own words.


"Try Weight Loss Development Products. They are great!" - Johan Krosse.


Are you overweight? Do you need to get slim? Toned? Or even ripped? Do you feel like Johan once did? If so, get our Fat Burner Superior today to begin your successful weight loss journey that will give you results!